Although Lime Rock Press is not currently publishing new titles, a limited number of copies of the following titles are still available:

                    Hobbledehoy -- A Word Game for Geniuses


Lime Rock Press, Inc. 

c/o Seymour 

200 Route 126 

Falls Village, CT   06031

(860)  824-1412

Lord of Lackawaxen Creek 

    Zane Grey's Bass Fishing Story in Miniature Book Form

The McClure Press (Deluxe Edition)


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   Directions to build a scaled working model reproduction of

the Gutenberg Press that revolutionized book production.

A Woman of Genius: The Intellectual Autobiography of Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz

    Bilingual Student Edition of this seminal work by Mexico’s “Tenth Muse” --- the first English language translation.

Because Lime Rock Press is no longer publishing and because most of its inventory has been sold, its publications are available primarily through the “secondary market.”

If you are searching for a particular Lime Rock title, you may find it at one of these sites: