Anyone who has visited Thomas Jefferson's home at Monticello knows that it is a mind-opening experience. Standing on the North Portico and looking out across the sweeping vista of Virginia countryside, one suddenly gains an insight into what it was that made it possible for the author of the Declaration of Independence to conceive his bold ideas about the rights of man and his dreams for the establishment of a new nation. The views at Monticello stimulate grand and sweeping thoughts.


About LIME ROCK PRESS Publications

The original showroom for the Lime Rock Press was a former axe handle factory on Mount Riga Road in Salisbury.

    The same phenomenon applies to authors. Surroundings have a significant impact on thought processes, and if one can see those surroundings one can develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of literary figures and what influenced their creative processes.

    That realization, following a visit to Willa Cather's childhood haunts in Red Cloud, Nebraska, triggered the basic concept behind the Lime Rock Press literary photographic books and portfolios. LRP literary photographic books are specifically intended to add to the reader's understanding and enjoyment of the surroundings which impacted on the author's creative process.

     Lime Rock Press literary photographic portfolios are a further extension of this idea. These boxed, unbound sheets of text on heavy paper, accompanied by original photographs, are a cross between the conventional modem photographic portfolio and the traditional livre d' artiste, published in Paris at the tum of the century.            

    They are not intended to be showcases of photographic virtuosity. Each Lime Rock Press literary photographic portfolios consists of text selections of substantial literary merit illustrated by photographs of exceptional quality. The two components are intended to be complementary to each other, together making up a handsome publication of unusual interest.

    The aim of Lime Rock Press is to create out-of-the-ordinary publications which are well made, handsomely designed, thought-provoking, and thoroughly enjoyable. All Lime Rock Press publications are sold on a no-questions-asked full-money-back return guarantee.